Minister Obert-Mpofu

Simbarashe Musaki

Senior Reporter

POLITICAL analysts have called for the relaunch of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Anti-Corruption Unit, describing it as a more corrupt institution compared to other state organs, in the country.

In exclusive interviews by The Statesman News, political analysts cast doubt over the credibility of ZRP in fighting corruption following the Minister of Home Affairs Obert Mpofu’s contempt of the Parliamentary Mines and Energy Portfolio Committee and former Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri’s miscarriage to avail himself before the same committee to answer questions on the disappearance of $15 billion worth of diamond revenue.

Tajamuka/ Sesijikile Campaign leader, Promise Mkwananzi said anyone serious about eradicating corruption cannot fight the cancerous white collar crime using ZRP.

“ZRP has no capacity nor will to fight corruption and whoever is serious about eradicating corruption in this country cannot surely tell us that they will fight corruption using police because as we speak, former police commissioner Chihuri is refusing to answer corruption charges before the Mines Parliamentary Portfolio committee.

“In the history of this country, no single institution has been wholly corrupt and rotten like the police. They do not have the orientation to fight corruption or even imagine life without being corrupt from the top to rock bottom.

“It is paradoxical that the current Minister of police, Dr. Obert Mpofu is not only regarded as one of the most corrupt figures of the regime, he has also refused to answer to the Mines Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, which wanted to quiz him in connection with the missing $15 billion that apparently disappeared when he was Minister of Mines.

Commenting on the same issue, political analyst Mr. Solomon Madzore said the development is a prodigality of resources and time equivalent to expecting mosquito to heal malaria.

“That’s wastage of our resources and time. ZRP cannot curb or eradicate corruption; it’s like expecting mosquitoes to heal malaria. It can’t. ZRP like ZANU PF, is so synonymous with corruption; in fact corruption is their trading name. Where was ZRP? We have a whole useless anti-corruption commission, what has it done to date, nothing,” he said.

Mr. Albert Matapo added his voice with a vista that nothing will change, alleging that the same people setting up the anti-corruption unit are criminals.

“This piecemeal approach is pointless. Nothing will change because the same people who are setting up the corruption unit are criminals,” he added.

ZRP’s myriad roadblocks during former president Robert Mugabe’s rule created animosity with the citizens due to austerity vehicle fault finding meant to allegedly fleece motorists, through bribes.

President Mnangagwa’s new dispensation which is on record of being against corruption, relieved motorists from the jaws of reportedly corrupt police officers by reducing the number of roadblocks in the country.    




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