Artists in double album launch

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By Tariro Gomwe

Upcoming Dancehall artists, Andrew Matono a.k.a J Rerd and Emmanuel Ringai a.k.a Virus are set for a milestone, as they launch a double album called Mzilikazi and Writing Stories on the 11th August this year, in Kadoma.

In an interview with The Statesman News, J Rerd said they opted for a double album launch so as to showcase the uniqueness of their music to the world.

“The main reason for launching a double album is our way of trying to do something different, while also bringing artists together because we believe that if we combine efforts together, we can do great things as Zimbabwean artists and the world at large,” he said.

J Rerd will be delivering his second album called Writing Stories, which has 15 tracks namely Amai Vangu, Fake Friends delete and I never knew, just to mention but a few, are likely to be the album’s hits whilst. The album Mzilikazi, which will be Virus’s 4th project has 12 tracks with songs such as, Remember Me and Mhamha na Daddy, which are likely to be chart toppers, according to the artist.

“We are targeting both youths and elders, as the album speaks of life that has been experienced with all age groups, be it youth or elderly people.

“Our hope is to grow big and create unity in the arts sector so that artist will come together, as one and the uniqueness of these albums as compared to the previous ones is that, we have put all our efforts in it and we have improved in terms of the composing and the context of the lyrics,” he said.

The launch will also see one of the most talented local Hip Hop artist, T Gonz performing.

Names of other artists that will perform on the launch are yet to be released.

In his songs, J Rerd collaborated with Mbeu, whose star is fast rising in the local showbiz.

J Rerd is also currently working on more singles.

The double album launch will be held in the duo’s home town, Kadoma.







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