Alice Ruziwa
WERE you throwing away banana peel after consumption of the fruit? Below are some of the amazing ways banana peels can be made useful. After this brief information piece, you will reconsider before throwing away banana peels.
1. Whitens Teeth
Banana peels have potassium, which is widely believed to help whiten teeth, especially ripe bananas. Simply rub the inside of the peel against your teeth until the teeth are completely coated in banana paste and leave for about ten minutes and then brush your teeth with toothpaste to remove the residue.
2. Soothes Skin Irritations
Banana peels can be rubbed on bug bites, stings and other skin irritations. Fruit acids, vitamins and minerals can help soothe away pain and itching, and they are also great for your skin.
3. Remove Warts
Banana peels can be of great help when it comes to removing warts. They can get rid of persistent blemishes. Simply rub a piece of peel over the wart each night before going to bed and it will fade away.
4. Shine Your Shoes
No money for shoe polish? A banana peel can do the magic on your shoes. Just as they are great for your skin, they can also be used to condition and polish your leather shoes. Just rub the inside part of the ripe banana peel over the leather shoe and it can be refreshed, cleaned and shine.
5. Polish Silver
Just as the peel can be used to rejuvinate the skin, it can also be a perfect polish for polishing silver. Rub the inside part of the ripe banana peel over dull and tarnished silver, so as to restore its natural glow.
6. Banana Peel Juice
There are a lot of vitamins and nutrients in banana peels. Simply add the peels to a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes to extract the juice. Remove the peels and let it cool down. You can then add the resulting banana peel juice to smoothies or other drinks for a boost of vitamins and minerals. Make sure you wash the peels first to remove wax, dirt and other contaminations before boiling them.
7. Relieve Mosquito Bites
There is a belief that rubbing the inside part of a banana peel on a mosquito bite will help relieve itching and reduce swelling, though it is not scientifically proven. Do not go outside after rubbing, otherwise you will attract mosquitos outside.
8. Heal Bruises
The best home remedy for healing a bruise is to rub a banana peel to the skin. You can either rub the banana peel on the bruise or tape it overnight.
9. Get Rid Of Aphids
There is a belief that banana peels can help to control aphids, the peels can be shredded and sprinkled around your plants or bury the banana peels in your garden and in a day or two, the aphids will disappear.
10. Diminish the Appearance of Wrinkles
The banana peel is believed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and also prevent future lines after rubbing the inside part of the peel on wrinkles. The antioxidants and Vitamin C present in bananas helps boost collagen production and helps with circulation.
11. Help Acne
If u rub the inside of a banana peel on your blemished face for about 10 minutes, it will help treat acne. Leave the residue on your skin after rubbing and do not wash since it continues to work on your skin.
12. Feed Roses
Simply dig down about four inches near your plants and bury your banana peels. You can plant them whole or shred them up and the potassium helps roses to grow.


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