By:Obert Mukomberanwa and Priviledge Hunduza

Chicken Slice pledges to empower local farmers by purchasing theirproduce, Mutyebere has said.

“Second largest fast food outlet, Slice distributors push the brand further,by providing quality healthy food. The industry has stiffened with a lot of competition and they are hitting from both ends to become the best in their services.”

Chicken slice officially opened a newly renovated branch along Speke Avenue which has state of the art furniture comfortable for its clients.

Tawanda Mutyebere, chicken slice chairman said new branches to be rolled out national wide.

” This process of renovating all our branches is ongoing and we are also going to roll out new branches national wide in the near future which are going to be having the same modern face lift,

” We are also proud to be opening Slice Bread and confectioneries, which is an in store bakery in our selected branches, what makes this special is that one can order to resell our bread cheap wholesale price affordable to upcoming businesses,” Mutyebere said.

Currently Slice distributors havetwelve outlets across the country of mainly chicken slice and Pizza slice brands.

Company public relations manager Bernadette Mutoko said slice distributors has renovated Speke and MbuyaNehanda Chicken Slice and Pizza slice outlet in the central business district in Harare and had identified sites where other five outlets would be established.

“We are going to roll out new outlets before the year end.

“I think there might be five outlets because we have got five sites that we have signed to work on, so I am sure by the end of the year we should at least have five to make it at least seventeen.

“I do not have figures (cost) at the moment,” Mutoko said.

Chicken slice has embarked on a journey aiming to empower local farmers, buying their produce andprovide quality healthy food for its clients.






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