Alice Ruziwa
THE Southern African Development Community (SADC) has endorsed senator chief Fortune Charumbira for the Pan African Parliament presidency, a move that shows the blocks solidarity in respect of the principle of rotational leadership, moving away from dictatorial tendencies.
SADC regional caucus campaign manager Mr. McHenry Venaani said, it is time the PaP Presidency is given to either SADC or North Africa, in line with the African Union’s (AU) principles of rotational leadership.
”Looking at the last two presidents, one is from Nigeria and the incumbent is from Cameron, meaning that if AU principles are to be followed, it is SADC’s turn,” said Mr. Venaani.
He added that SADC is fully behind the candidature of chief Charumbira.
The attempt to have Mr. Nkodo Dang re-elected does not bode well with the AU regional leadership rotational system, since SADC and Northern African regions are still to have a chance.
Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda assured that the government is rallying behind chief Charumbira’s candidature and has availed financial support for the campaign.
Chief Charumbira has a great deal of experience since he has been within the PaP since its inception in 2014 and has since gathered a lot of experience working for large multinational institutions, such as, the World Bank and Price Waterhouse and Coopers, as well as, been a member of the Zimbabwean Parliament for the past 17 years.
Since Chief Charumbira will be able to transform the institution, African diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe have been urged to rally behind chief Charumbira. This call was made by the Chairperson of the Southern African Caucus and Zimbabwe’s first lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa as the nation is hoping for SADC’s turn in terms of PaP presidency.
Dean of the Diplomatic Community, Ambassador Mwanananga Mawapanga propounded that chief Charumbira’s strength over and above educational and professional qualifications, as a traditional healer brings with him a wealth of experience, which will benefit the continent as it seeks to retain its originality.

PaP has advisory and consultative powers lasting for tenures of five years in office, whereas it was supposed to have attained legislative powers five years after inception, but has not achieved that. Its headquarters in Midrant,South Africa, is there to implement policies and objectives of the AU, cultivating human rights and democracy in Africa and engender peace, security and stability on the continent.
The elections are to be held next month. The Central African region was the presidency holder so many times and the current President,Roger Nkodo Dang of Cameroon has been on the seat since 2015.


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