By Tendai Dune


AT exactly 02.08hrs, “Zimbabweeeee”, Thomas Mapfumo echoed as soon as he set foot on stage at the Glammis Arena, sending fans into delirium and instantly washing away the seemingly growing impatience amongst the jubilant crowd, as the Chimurenga guru’s set took time to get on stage.

Holding a microphone in his hands, with signs of body tremors and a ‘bit of shaking’, one could easily tell that the great Chimurenga music icon is now of advanced age.

However, by the sound of his voice alone, the job had already been done.

The whole arena had been reinvigorated again, in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

From the crowd’s response, one famous writer way back in time wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” This sentiment is true for Mukanya, as whichever avenue, the icon has ventured into, his greatness has also shone brightly.

For me, and so many others of my age, this was the first time to see the man on a live performance. Who would have thought that it was easy for Mukanya to create graphical memories of the then Zimbabwe and the type of performances back then, which were just, classic.

Despite performing in a country with a limping economy, and all other challenges, I can ululate all day about his performance, which was a non-stop 4 hour world class show, where everything was perfect and went according to plan.

The man had introduced his home coming in style after 14 years in self-imposed exile.

They say class is permanent.

Indeed, age has not affected his performance but being the master that he is, Mukanya has actually perfected his art on delivering. Connecting with his huge crowd of fans did not take much of a hustle.

The introduction of his new track titled Sarudzo, sent fans into a frenzy and be forgiven for mistakenly believing that it’s one of his greatest hits from the 80’s because of the traditional tune and lyrics of the song. The song was so good that it got revelers sing along.

The show that started at 19.00hrs April 28, 2018 night spilled into the wee hours of the night, as revelers danced to the Chimurenga guru’s selection on the night. Spicing up the show, Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi (who was amongst the star studied cast of artist performing on the day) joined Mukanya on stage when the Black Unlimited belted out, hit song, Nyoka Musango.

Signs of fatigue in the huge crowd could be noticed towards midnight, as everyone was kept to their feet by Mukanya and the star studied cast of supporting acts on the day, who amongst them was Dr. Oliver Mutukudzi.

A legend in his own right, Tuku, as he is affectionately known kept fans on their feet, dishing hit after hit of the popular ‘Tuku Music’.

Dancehall chanter, Winky D, also known as the king of dancehall also came on stage and did justice to dancehall music lovers, as he called on angels to down and light up the stage for the upcoming legend with the song, Dzika Ngirozi.

The feeling of being Zimbabwean and getting in touch with what defines who we are and where we come from could be seen flowing in the crowds. Memories of the ‘home coming’ show shall live in the hearts of many for years to come.

History was made and his famous chant, Yahweeee Ndakuona, will forever echo in the ears of many.



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