Pr walter magaya

By Prisca Manyiwa

A local musician has paid tribute to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Prophet Walter Magaya by releasing and naming his first gospel album titled, Yadah meaning, Praise the Lord.

Yadah is the name of Prophet Magaya’s television network.

Juweti Boba Mujajati has raised thumbs high for the man of God, whom he says transformed his life and his career as a musician.

The album Yadah is his 4th product after having previously released three albums of different genres.

“This album, titled Yadah is a form of tribute to the man of God, Prophet Magaya who has transformed my life, as a musician and my life in general. I have also witnessed a lot of transformation in other people’s lives.

“I have never met this man of God face to face, but I just want to praise the Lord through music and praising the man of God himself to lift his spirit higher,” said Mujajati.

Of all his albums, Mujajati says this (Yadah) is his most successful as it has been played on national radio stations.

“I am very much delighted that my music is played on air by our national broadcasters, Radio Zimbabwe and National FM.

“I also want to appreciate my fans for the support and True Tone Studios that rendered their tremendous support, towards the recording of the album.”

Mujajati started his musical career in the late 1980s, where he performed under the Golden Alifanti. He has also worked with James Nyamandi and the Four Brothers.

He recorded his first album in 2001.





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