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President Mnangagwa was yesterday sworn in as the third President of the Republic of Zimbabwe at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, the event was graced by regional and international leaders and former heads of states.

Addressing delegates who included regional leaders, Zanu PF and other top government officials during his inauguration ceremony at the National Sports Stadium, Mnangagwa said his new government will work hard on delivering the promises they made during their campaigns.

“As per our pledge during the campaign trail, my Government will be implementing the Constitutional provisions with regards the devolution of Government powers and responsibilities. Provinces will now be expected to plan and grow their provincial economies.

“Economic development at every level is the ultimate goal. I therefore challenge local authorities in the Second Republic, to be the engines of local economic development and growth. My Government will not stand by and watch people suffer due to dereliction of duty, corruption or incompetence within our local authorities`

Upon taking the oaths of President, President Mnangagwa said that he is going to be a servant of the people of Zimbabwe and he is going to make sure that all citizens will be equal before the law and prosecution of corrupt cases will be done without fear or favor.

President Mnangagwa also urged Zimbabweans regardless of one’s political affiliation to unite and work together in building the economy and the Zimbabwe we all want.

“Now is the time for us all to unite as a nation and grow our economy. Let us courageously and diligently embark on a shared journey towards the realization of our national vision to transform Zimbabwe into a middle income economy, with increased investment, decent jobs, broad based empowerment, free from poverty and corruption by 2030.

My government will, in the next five years accelerate industrialization, modernization and mechanization, with greater emphasis on market driven policies. Furthermore, comprehensive strategies will be put in place to stimulate value chains across our industries and commerce.

Building on the achievements in agricultural, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure and tourism, as a result of the deliberate policies we made in the last nine months, my government will consolidate the growth of the economy,” he said

Former President Robert Mugabe yesterday congratulated his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa, through a message which was read out by president Mnangangwa, Mugabe couldn’t make it to the venue due to sickness and has sent his daughter Bona Chikore and his in-law Simbarashe Chikore on his behalf.


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