Alice Ruziwa
Telecommunications giant, NetOne through its OneMoney platform has introduced a ‘Fees for Less’ that will most certainly see parents with children of school going age rushing to pay school fees via the OneMoney vehicle, a move set to boost the mobile service provider’s subscriber base, as it only open to NetOne users.

The promotion which has been running from the 22nd April will end on the 30th May 2018.
This promotion is open to all NetOne customers (16 years and above) and schools (registered with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education).

The first 100 parents to pay school fees using OneMoney will get 100% of that fees back, meaning if you are among these first 100,NetOne is paying your child’s or dependent’s fees for you, which is a great deal considering the economic hardships in the country. The promotion further guarantees those who pay school fees using OneMoney to be incorporated and stand a chance to win fortnightly vouchers worth $100.

On top of that, it is a clear that even if parents are encouraged to pay via OneMoney, it will be pointless if the schools do not accept payments, through the same channel, therefore NetOne is also trying to ensure that schools also have a OneMoney account, hence the mobile giant promising of $500 to School Development Association account, to the first 50 schools to register with OneMoney, while also receiving a minimum of $1 000 school fees in their accounts.

In addition to that, the school with the highest amount above $5 000 paid via their account will win a computer lab, generator and a One-Fi Device.
With the ‘fees for less’ promotion, NetOne is offering mobile money users a service way beyond expectations, especially considering the economic climate prevailing in Zimbabwe.
Mobile operators in the country are always in a battle for subscribers, as shown by the many promotions they (mobile operators) offer to the general populace, who use mobile devices.


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