by Bulelani Collins Lobhengula Khumalo

I hereby write to the generality of Mthwakazi, and the world at large, regarding a simmering issue in Zimbabwe. I am aware that the issues I am going to discuss here are important to the people of my forefathers, and I shall be as honest as possible. To those who will be disturbed by my discussion, I do sincerely apologise in advance.

I was born in South Africa, and for all practical purposes, that is the country I call home. I am aware that my forefathers established a successful nation called Mthwakazi, and it is today part of present day Zimbabwe. I am aware that the people of my forefathers have a programme to resuscitate their nationhood, in the way they think is best. I have been approached many times by some of the leaders to stand in as their King. These leaders have traced my blood and have found out that I am born of royal blood. Their efforts are noble. However, in my sincere and honest opinion, I can NOT lead a people I was not raised among. I can not pretend to stand up for the people in Mthwakazi and their interests, when I have no attachment to those interests. I therefore hereby write to apologise to the leaders who approached me on the matter, and to Mthwakazi as a whole. I put it here and now, that I can Not be a Ndebele King.

The coronation ceremony is being organised for 03 March 2018, and I continue telling the leadership from Zimbabwe that I am not interested in this matter, and I am not the best person to represent these people, in whatever form. This is why I did not turn up in September 2017, when they were releasing my name to the public. Unfortunately, among the organisers, there is a group that want this done no matter what. I can not lie to the people. I can not put false hope in the Ndebele people in Zimbabwe. I am aware that there are more able persons and better interested individuals within the Ndebele community than I am. Why then don’t this leadership focus on those people, with the ability and interest at heart. I have taken to publishing my position, because I have said this in private meetings and quarters for more than three years now, and this leadership does not take heed. I shall not discuss the possibility of their private interests here, however, I want the people in the land of my forefathers to know that I am not the messiah they may hope for, and may have been told is coming. I implore them to search among themselves for a King who shall represent their interests fully.

Without disrespecting anyone, I put the matter to rest.

Yours Sincerely

Bulelani Collins Lobhengula Khumalo


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