Toendepi Shonhe

Simbarashe Musaki

Political Reporter

The MDC-T infighting symbolizes a colonial paradigm instituted to enforce false division of African states and to fragment the continent’s communities, which put the opposition on a scupper position ahead of forthcoming harmonized elections, political analysts have said.

Analysts interviewed by The Statesman News said Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Dr. Thokozani Khupe’s rift shows that protagonists within the MDC-T need to realise that they have been trapped by concepts of the colonial past.

Political analyst Dr. Toendepi Shonhe said divisions in the MDC-T diminishes the party’s victory chances as they have divided their efforts, eliminated unity of purpose and are now perceived as losers.

“The power struggle goes to show how politics of today is shaped by colonial legacies of the past. Tribalism is a colonial construct, instituted to enforce false bifurcation of African states and to fragment African communities. Unfortunately, despite progress in many areas this construction continues to be deployed by African leaders to divide and rule their subjects.

“The opposition and in particular MDC-T has perpetually fallen into this trap. Personal egos and a craving for power have intensified the fragmentation of the opposition. Divided as they stand today their chances of emerging victorious can only diminish. They have divided their effort, eliminated unity of purpose and are now perceived as losers.

“The protagonists within the MDC-T need to realise that they have been trapped by construct of the colonial past. It created tribes and villages to divide and rule strategy. In Matabeleland it put together small clans into a Ndebele tribe and instigated fights between the Shona and this tribe. Educated as they seem, they have not come to overcome or understand the vice.

Dr. Shonhe opined that Advocate Chamisa’s camp may trump Dr. Khupe’s faction, but much more is lost as those little spread across those little parties will stand to count on the voting day.

Mr. Donald Zhou said the MDC-T infighting was inevitable either with or without congress and does not require court settlement as it is a political matter.

He said, “The way Chamisa grabbed power was always going to be contested, in fact even if he had not done that there was always to be contestation (so congress or not, the outcomes of the congress, delegates at the congress was always going to be a contestation). However, this is not a matter to be settled in courts because it’s a political issue.”

“As we have seen, Chamisa has people on his side so he will emerge victorious. It is possible Khupe has supporters, but history has taught us that people in MDC develop egos but when they leave they have no one. So I think Khupe may lose dismally at the forthcoming elections and will be like most before her that is Welsh Ncube, Tendai Biti and Sikhala Job.

MDC was formed in 1999 under the leadership of the late Morgan Tsvangirai, prior to its major split in 2005 with Welshman Ncube leading the other faction. In 2010 former St. Mary’s legislator Job Sikhala broke ties with MDC, formerly led by Ncube to form the now defunct MDC 1999.

The MDC Alliance was formed in 2017 incorporating the prodigal sons in an effort to curtail ZANU PF rule, in the coming elections.



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