MDC-T: KING SOLOMON’S WISDOM NEEDED TO DECIDE THE BABY’S OWNERSHIP? The developments at Harvest House both before and after the death of its founding President call upon us to visit the Bible’s Kings 3: 16 – 28 wherein a pair of women fighting for ownership of a baby after one of them had killed hers in midnight gymnastics visited King Solomon to determine the true owner of the baby. Here are the scenarios that have developed so far

1. Chamisa believes MDC-T belongs to him and the National Council and

2. Mudzuri, Khupe and Mwonzora believe the party belongs to the general membership.

3. So, what is the way forward?

i) Chamisa has commandeered part of the National Council to install him boss for the next 12 months “in terms of the party Constitution”

ii) Mudzuri is to call for a King Solomon kind of Wiseman to mediate and save the party from the fatal split also “in terms of the Constitution”

iii) Mwonzora will call for a special Congress of the party membership after the burial of the late President to elect his successor, again “in terms of the party Constitution” Those who feel apprehensive about the potential severing of the party into two, suggest the best way of saving this baby.


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