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Veteran politician and MDC-T secretary for mobilization Job Sikhala has assured to halt an archaic indecorous running of Chitungwiza’s key state institutions by ZANU PF to a model that benefits residents, regardless of political affiliation, once elected as legislator.

Addressing hundreds of MDC-T supporters who were in an electric mood at his constituency manifesto launch recently, Sikhala who is expected to effortlessly beat his two little known rivals in MDC-T Chitungwiza West constituency primary elections this week said, the politicization of key state institutions and corruption in Chitungwiza will be history when he is elected in the looming harmonized election.

The charismatic and fearless former MDC-T St Mary’s Member of Parliament disclosed to a cheering crowd who defied the hot sunny weather that he is going to cleanse politically ornamented insanity at Chitungwiza’s three key institutions namely, Seke Teachers College, Chitungwiza General Hospital and Chitungwiza Municipality.

“Seke Teachers College is supposed to benefit Chitungwiza residents, but surprisingly students from as far as Dotito are enrolled at the expense of our children, due to the political muscle bigwigs in the ruling party, ZANU PF. We are going to fearlessly deal with that issue and college principals must be taught that these institutions are created to cater for Chitungwiza residents; they are not there to serve political interests.

“Chitungwiza hospital must recruit everyone regardless of political affiliation to train as a nurse, contrary to what is being done by ZANU PF Chitungwiza East parliamentary candidate, Obadiah Moyo who is given a list of would-be nurses from the president’s office. We are going to stop that nonsense. On top of that Chitungwiza General Hospital was privatized from casualty to mortuary. We are going to engage this institution, prior to demonstrations in the event they ignore our engagement efforts to make them understand that the rights of people must be respected.

“Chitungwiza Municipality is the hub of corruption, not only in Zimbabwe, but in southern Africa and the world at large. No other municipality in the history of the world is corrupt like Chitungwiza. They employ different tactics of milking residents through engagement of debt collectors,” said Sikhala.

Sikhala, who holds degrees from the University of Zimbabwe said he subscribes to servant leadership as before and guaranteed residents to amplify their voice in the House of Assembly, as opposed to some MPs who mistook Parliament House to a bedroom.

He said, “Many people seek public office as a form of employment; some people think politics is employment, while in actual fact the role of an MP or councilor is being a servant of the people. Some MPs don’t even cough in parliament when people need their voice to be heard, through their legislators. An MP who sleeps and snores in parliament is a corpse,” he said.

Chitungwiza West residents interviewed by The Statesman News hailed MDC-T’s pronouncement to permit any registered voter to vote in the primary elections labelling it as panacea to minority ward executive members’ syndrome of corruptly endorsing and imposing incompetent, unpopular and ‘imported’ candidates from Harare to the majority non-executive residents.   

Sikhala popularly known as Ken Saro Wiwa, is one of the founding members of MDC-T. He became one of the youngest legislators who came together in 2000 together with the late Learnmore Jongwe and Tafadzwa Musekiwa to form the MDC. He is well known for his criticism against ZANU PF and its former leader, Robert Mugabe.   



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