Freeman Mateko

Simbarashe Musaki

Political Reporter

Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign has called on politicians to pledge support for the newly fashioned citizens’ international association destined to hearten political representatives to implement solutions to global problems that nations cannot tackle single-handedly.


Zimbabwe Simpol representative Mr. Freeman Mateko in a statement released to the media said, his organization is blinded in terms of political affiliations and fosters unity among political parties in solving global problems.


“The President, Members of Parliament, senators, ministers, councilors and all politicians are invited to pledge support for the Simpol campaign, which is an international association of citizens who use their votes to encourage politicians to implement solutions to global problems that individual nations cannot tackle alone. These problems include global warming, tax avoidance, and other transnational issues.


“This improves country image, as well as attracting investors, since global problems affect investment opportunities and Zimbabwe is privileged to be the first African country to be part of Simpol. Members of Parliament in UK, Germany, Ireland and Australia among other European countries have already signed Simpol Pledge.


“Simultaneous policy requires governments in all jurisdictions at once, worldwide, to implement a policy shift at once, so that none is disadvantaged or unfairly advantaged,” said Mateko.

He said global problems Simpol addresses are not being dealt with adequately by national governments due to trepidation of impairing their economic competitiveness.


“The global problems Simpol addresses are not being dealt with adequately by national governments because of the fear that acting unilaterally will harm their economic competitiveness. Governments can take relatively small unilateral steps and Simpol encourages that, but for the really big strides the world really needs, governments are stuck and no nation wants to move first.


“That’s why under Simpol, major reforms are to be implemented by nations simultaneously, but only when or all sufficient nations have signed the pledge. In that way, politicians and all parties can sign the pledge without risk because they need not change their existing policy programmes until a sufficient number of governments sign.

“In the meantime, politicians who sign the pledge attract the votes of Simpol, growing the number of supporters. That’s how Simpol allows politicians to lead the way on major issues of our time, while citizens may use their votes to encourage greater international cooperation.


Simpol’s idea of the need for simultaneity of sovereign state action is not a new idea as it is the basis of a treaty and the United Nations’ initiatives that nothing can be done on certain problems, such as disarmament, until all major players agree to a common timetable of implementing solutions. Simpol’s uniqueness is on citizens’ ability to use their vote to encourage politicians, political parties and governments towards global cooperation.



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