Simbarashe Musaki

Political Reporter

KUWADZANA independent Member of Parliament aspirant, Ishmael Kauzani has lambasted his former party, MDC-T for being democracy assassins by creating ‘protected constituencies’, while also importing House of Assembly representatives from other areas.

Former MDC-T Harare provincial secretary for defence, Kauzani said democracy deficiency in the country’s main opposition political party has pushed him to contest this year’s elections, as an independent candidate.

“The main reason I have decided to stand as an independent candidate in the coming elections is because of a lack of democracy in my party, the MDC-T. This lack of democracy within the party includes the coming up of the so called ‘protected constituencies’, and the constituency of Kuwadzana East where I am contesting in this election is one of my examples.

“Since the formation of the MDC, Kuwadzana has never had a representative from within its area. The late Learnmore Jongwe was imported from Mandara. This has also been with his predecessor Nelson Chamisa, who resides elsewhere, although this time he has left the baton stick to Charlton Hwende another import from Chegutu if not Namibia, following his controversial rise to power, through a grab.

“All this bad culture of importing candidates from other areas, a perennial habit that has characterized ZANU PF has prompted me to move away from MDC-T. The late Vice President Simon Muzenda once said, ‘if a donkey is slated for office representing the ruling party, people will vote for it’. In a shamelessly similar fashion, the MDC-T also rides on the tide claiming if a baboon is to represent the party in Harare, people will vote for it,” added Kauzani.

He delved into the benefits of electing independent candidates who reside in the areas they are contesting, which include suffocating the political party whipping system among others.

Kauzani said, “Voters should elect independent candidates who reside in the area they aspire to represent, as they are accountable to them or in simple terms they report back to them, rather than through a party which otherwise creates servant leadership.

“Imported legislatures don’t work with the locals even if you raise what affects you in the area, they don’t act. They are bosses to the people; they come to tell you what they want to tell you, which sometimes does not resonate with the locals.

Kauzani is the current sitting chairperson of the Unemployed Youths Organisation (UYO).

In the recent past, Kauzani was arrested together with other MDC-T activists, such as, the late Tonderai Ndira on allegations of politically motivated crimes, while he also spent more than four months at Harare Remand Prison during the time he served as the MDC-T Harare provincial secretary for defence in 2008.

A few days ago, Member of Parliament for Harare West, Fungayi Jessie Majome announced her exit from the fragmented MDC-T, citing an unbalanced playing field, as the country’s biggest opposition heads for its primaries to select candidates who will contest for council and parliamentary seats in the forthcoming harmonised elections.




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